About Me

I practically left my South Carolina roots and moved from the other side of the country to Colorado, all to get my career in journalism started with KREX 5 and FOX 4 News in November 2020. Now, I am In the Shenandoah Valley reporting for WHSV 3 since September 2022. After receiving a journalism-concentrated bachelor’s degree in communication at Regent University, giving grad school a try, and sharpening my writing skills as an Odyssey Online content creator & Something in the Water Festival media correspondent for Pharrell Williams in Virginia Beach, I am so thankful to be thriving in my career.

For me, being a reporter means being a mouthpiece for the community through the stories. Creative organization and relentless ambition are the two elements that allow me to truly illustrate the stories I get, without derailing from the truth. If that ever stops being the gist of the job, that’s when I know it’s time to move on.

“It’s my work but it’s your story.” — Cora Dickey

It has always been my passion to work in news, and I am honored to help give people a voice. My ideal role is to be a reporter who focuses on community, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Aside from reporting, I love to dance, exercise, throw axes, cheer people on in karaoke, and keep in touch with family and friends scattered across the East Coast and beyond.